Katherine Rutter


b. 1984 Little Rock, Arkansas

2007    BFA Drawing/Photography University of Central Arkansas

Selected Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2018     Meet Me In The Water, Thea Foundation, Little Rock, AR (solo)

2015     Stanza, San Francisco, CA (solo)

2015     Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, AR

2014     For the Sake of Being(s), LeQuiVive Gallery, Oakland, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018     Chromatic, Alto Gallery; Denver, CO

2016     Naked Light, Athen B. Gallery; Oakland, CA

2016     Residency w/ Tulum Art Club, Residencia Gorila; Tulum, MX

2015     Arkansas Women to Watch Traveling Exhibition, National Museum of Women in the Arts; AR

2015     Co-Lab, Athen B. Gallery; Oakland, CA

2015     Fair Enough, Good Mother Gallery; Oakland, CA

2014     56th Annual Delta Exhibition, Arkansas Arts Center; Little Rock, AR

2014     May Day, Entre Nous Gallerie; Denver, CO

2014     Neu Folk Revival, LeQuiVive Gallery; Oakland, CA

2013     Floor Plans, Heartlands & Other Conspiracies, LeQuiVive Gallery; Oakland, CA

2011     Illiterate Gallery; Denver, CO

2010     Artist-in-Residence Show, Illiterate Gallery; Denver, CO



2019 Davison’s Drug & Stationery; Colusa, CA

2018    Pow! Wow! Nepal, Koseli School; Kathmandu, Nepal

2017     Bear Creek Path, Arts Martin Acres; Boulder, CO

2017     La Palmita; Tulum, MX

2016     Downtown Oakland Utility Box; Downtown Business District, Oakland, CA

2015     The Fox Hole; Bentonville, AR

2014     Children’s Room Commission, Historic Arkansas Museum; Little Rock, AR

2014     For the Sake of Being(s), LeQuiVive Gallery; Oakland, CA

2014     Bernice Gardens; Little Rock, AR

2014     City O City; Denver, CO

2013     Floor Plans, Heartlands & Other Conspiracies, LeQuiVive Gallery; Oakland, CA


Residencies & Workshops

2019 Social Studies Residency; Colusa, CA

2017     Penland School of Crafts, Printmaking, Penland, NC

2016     Residencia Gorila/Tulum Art Club, Tulum, MX

2010     Illiterate Gallery Residency, Denver, CO


Teaching & Related Experience

2018     Pow! Wow! Nepal, book-making workshop at Koseli School, Kathmandu, Nepal

2015-16 Private Art Instructor, Berkeley, CA

2015     Teaching Assistant/Volunteer, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA


Selected Publications & Press

2017     Pangburn, DJ. “Meet The Illustrator Who Puts Algae On Paper”, VICE’S Creators, Jan 12, 2017.    https://creators.vice.com/en_us/article/78e54q/katherine-rutter-fairy-tale-illustrations-traced-algae-on-paper

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2011     Edwards, Robin. “Katherine Rutter, Aron Dubois and Zach Reini's art at Illiterate Gallery: Last chance”, Westword, July 26, 2011. http://www.westword.com/arts/katherine-rutter-aron-dubois-and-zach - reinis-art-at-illiterate-gallery-last-chance-5795943