My practice explores how we navigate our emotional beings within the complexities of femininity and beauty. The vernacular expressions and innate desires we have as humans to connect to ourselves and to nature are addressed throughout my work, requesting a deeper understanding of what it means to live. I create ambiguous narratives of human, animal and plant forms existing in fantastical and delicate environments. My drawings often begin by ‘painting’ with hair-like algae, an intuitive process that allows me to connect with my subconscious, like one might find images in clouds. The algae provides a certain aesthetic quality while also nodding to my Southern roots and its folk tradition of found materials in art. The addition of subtle colors and gentle lines give an initial feeling of warmth and familiarity, often bringing to mind illustrations from old children’s books, certainly an influence in my work. Themes of nostalgia, vulnerability, sexuality, wonder, subtle humor and the struggle of the unknown reveal a tender experience of humanity.

While many of the themes and colors remain consistent throughout my work regardless of my use of material, my mural projects become more about beauty as a point of connection. Working in public spaces provide interaction with a community and reveal how beauty is necessary for all people in all places, giving a sense of imagination, relief and joy.